Sunday, December 20, 2009

Craft Project: Abigail's Sheep

Here is a picture diary of the making of Abigail's Sheep, a present Marcus and I whipped up for our friend's cute little daughter.  It uses raw wool from a friend who owns sheep in upstate NY.  The base is a stuffed old sock , some wire, and some old felted sweater.  Yeah--recycling!  Buttons, some spare ribbon, and a bell we happened to have lying around completed the project.  It was a great deal of fun.  

We also made felted snowmen in this way for presents.  We put a paper Chinet bowl upside down, put a hole in it, put a chopstick through it, then hot glued the chopstick in place.  We then used the chopstick as a way to balance the snowman from the inside out.  You don't even need a sock for this project.  We then covered the bowl with some knitted fluffly scraps I had as swatches when planning out knitting projects, but you can use some old sweater pieces or some felt.  An alternative to the bowl idea is using a circular wooden base.  Hot glue the snowman pieces together and then hot glue them to a circular wooden base. 

Specialty items needed:  raw wool, felting needle, and hot glue gun. 


Lord of Ventrue said...

You are amazing!!! The things you come up with!!! I wish you both happy Holiday and much joy in the New year!!


Spirit of a Dove said...

Thank you Wil! We miss you very much! Do you want us to send you a surprise hand made item too????