Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stitch Off for Pakistani Flood Victims

Assalamu Alaikum Everyone!!!!!! 
Peace be upon you / peace and health!!!!!!

Get your needles moving!!!!
For all of those who wanted to
knit warmth and love around the world,
now is your chance!!!!
We are posing a challenge
to all those who know how to use a needle!

Click on "read more" learn how to donate knits
to children in Pakistan who have suffered from the flood.
The below post has been created by my sister Mary.

Why knit?

To provide warmth and love to children in Pakistan who have suffered from the flood. Although relief has slowly been filtering in to Pakistan to aide flood victims, there is still a lot that needs to be done before Pakistan’s needs are met. Pakistan still has a long way to go. Although some people have been addressing this issue, many have not been, especially in the United States. As a member of the Muslim Student Association and someone deeply interested in advocacy and outreach -- Not only I, but also the Catholic Church that I attend had begun to wonder why this issue was not being addressed here. We did not hear a lot about it, and we were surprised to find that our church was not doing an envelope collection like we do for every other country that suffers from devastating natural disaster. So, the priests and I set ourselves on a mission to find out why. It turns out that Muslim countries are afraid of receiving aid from any Christian groups because of fear of evangelism. This caused Catholic Relief Services, which is a major organization that would usually help with this situation, and would be the group that we send monetary donations to from our congregation, to not address the need of these people. In the end, our congregation still had a collection during one weekend at all the masses. They are now presenting the money collected to the Binghamton Muslim Student Association at Binghamton University, who was hosting the flood drive for these victims.

Many children go without food, clothing, and shelter every night because their homes were washed away with the flood. What we would like to focus on is providing warmth to these children. Every pediatrician would recommend that a baby be swaddled and held. But one of the main things that babies and Pakistan are missing for this activity is a blanket to be swaddled in!!! Blankets are one of the most important things for an enfant to have, they are used for: swaddling, providing comfort, and teaching self-soothing skills, along with many other things. Currently, children are going without this necessity through no fault of their own. So, if you have what it takes (a needle, thread, and some fabric or yarn), please help with this relief effort!!! It does not take much to make a blanket for a baby because they are not very big, so we are hoping, to be able to pool together quite a few of these blankets to ship to Pakistan (please see details below as to how they will arrive there).

Our goal is to make 200!!!!!!!!! If we can reach this number, we will be happy, if we make more, we will be thrilled!!!!!!!! As you make your blankets please think of the dear children that will be using them, and the benefits that they will receive from the home spun love that will be sent to them from across the globe. There will also be a place on the blog where you can post a picture of the blanket(s) you have made, and where we can begin to tally how many we have received so everyone knows when we reach our goal!!!!

Once you are done creating your masterpiece please mail it to either of the address’ listed below.

Where to Donate:

Binghamton University

ATTN: Muslim Student Association University Union – 308W

PO Box 6000

Binghamton, NY 13902


Mary Grenchus-Allen

99 West End Avenue

Binghamton, NY 13905


Mary said...

We received 30 blankets from Life choices center making our new goal 170!

Spirit of a Dove said...

I have made: 1 large baby blanket with booties, 1 small baby blanket, 1 baby hat, 1 adult sized hat, and one kid's sweater!

Mary said...

donating two knitted children's scarves, previously made by Anne

Mary said...

Donation : 2 hats, 3 pillows, 48 blankets!!! Thank you Life Choices Center!